Cigar Box Guitars, Bluetooth Speakers, lighting and other quirky things. 

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3 string cigar box guitar

Traditional style cigar box guitar with 3 strings tuned to an open chord.
Genuine cigar box, recycled hardwood through neck, customised magnetic pickup.

6 string cigar box guitar

A cigar box guitar using 'spare parts' from a damaged beyond repair electric guitar. Telecaster style bridge pickup, treble cut switch and volume control. Genuine cigar box body.

Cigar box guitar amplifier

Neat little amp cuilt into a square cigar box. Mains or battery power. The perfect companion to your cigra box guitar.

Kitchen worktop offcut guitar

Work in progress.
I recently refitted my kitchen and had some bits of the oak worktop left over. The worktop I bought for the job was actually an offcut itself from someone elses kitchen so I guess this is technically an worktop offcut, offcut body guitar.

Lap Steel Guitar

Made from recycled wood, used parts and brass rod offcuts. Lap steels are a great introduction to self building (in fact we run a course) and can make great use of used , recycled and repurposed parts. The fret board on this one was once the drawer front of an Oxford University Natural History Museum specimen storage cabinet.


The psalmodicon is a single string fretted instrument that can be either plucked or bowed. Developed primarily for use in sacred music they are finding their way increasingly into the secular world. This one has a single pole magnetic pickup so you can plug it in and get creative with effects and such like.

Foot tapping stomp box

Great for adding a bit of percussion to your playing. plug it in and tap away.

Guitar amplifier built into a school radio

Back in the day we used to gather round these with our vests tucked into our pants and a pair of black plimpsols from Woolies to listen to 'Music and Movement' on the BBC. We would sway like a tree or hop like a frog in time to the music. Far be it from me to dictate what you wear or how you move but the music now comes from the guitar you've got plugged in

Vintage Radio Bluetooth speaker

These are genuine vintage radios that have come to the end of their useful life regenerated for a new useful existance as rechargeable battery powered Bluetooth speakers.

Floorstanding Bluetooth speaker

Once tatty, broken, unloved and destined for a skip this lovely 1950's floorstanding radio now has pride of place in a local guesthouse's lounge where their guests can stream their favourite tunes via Bluetooth.

Cine camera table lamp

Based around an original photographic light and an old cine camera and now a  one off table lamp to brighten up your days (and nights)

Portable cassette player and Bluetooth speaker

Once the height of technological chic many of these old cassette radios have fallen out of favour and out of use. This once has had the cassette mechanism fully serviced so you can still play all your old favourite mix tapes with the added advantage of playing music via Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or laptiop computer.