Our Courses

All our courses are run in the Remade Guitars shop/workshop in Eldon Square in the centre of Dolgellau and include all materials unless otherwise stated. We are always happy to accommodate the use of your own materials in a build wherever possible.

Courses are run 'on request' for individuals or groups of up to 4 people. Minimum age is 14, under 18's must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian please.

To book a course contact us via email or in person to agree a date at which point you will be asked for a deposit of 50%. The final payment is due on the day of the course payable by cash, bank transfer or card. Deposits are non returnable but dates can be rescheduled within a 12 month period of the original booking without additional cost.. More than 12 months  may incur additional charges if prices have increased.

Vouchers to give a course as a gift are available by clicking the buttons below.

Lap Steel 1 day £125

A great entry to instrument building if you have limited or no woodworking experience. Working with recycled wood, reused parts and scrap materials where possible you will build an simple open tuned instrument to play slide guitar.
Typically 5 or 6 hours over a single day.

Cigar Box Guitar 2 day £200

A more complicated build. All parts are supplied but there's the opportunity to incorporate, where possible, any parts you may have. Choose to build a 3 or 4 string, fretted or slide, electric or acoustic Cigar Box Guitar. Typically 10 to 12 hours over 2 days (can be non consecutive).

Appalachian Dulcimer 2 day £200

Most fretted instruments originating in European cultures have a fully chromatic  fretboard, meaning that all 12 notes in an octave are available. while this is very versatile, allowing the instrument to be played in any key without retuning, it does mean that for each key a third of the available notes are 'wrong'. With a diatonic fretboard , the dulcimer allows you to play only the 8 notes that make up a particular key and thus avoid the possibility of playing 'wrong' ones.

Guitar Setup half day  £60

Learn how to setup your Electric, Acoustic or Bass guitar. Bring your own preferred set of strings or pre-order a set from us. Typically 3 to 4 hours.